What we do

YAPQ is a data oriented technology startup based in Israel, which provides personalized decision making tools for the travel industries. As the world leans more and more toward personally-tailored experiences, we seek to fulfill that need in the realm of online travel.

Why we do it

YAPQ thrives on solving complex technological challenges involving massive data normalization, big data crunching, sophisticated algorithms, and real-time performance. We know that the online travel industry has an urgent need for advanced new technologies that can enable them to understand their customers on a much more personal level so they could offer them a better service. That’s why we offer our customers the most cutting-edge and efficient solutions.

Five years down the road, we see an entirely new approach in the travel industry that offers experiences instead of just accommodations by targeting the lifestyle preferences of each and every traveler.

Who we are

The YAPQ team has an unwavering passion for developing new technologies.


YAPQ is founded by Pix Vine Capital from Singapore and by Samurai Incubate inc from Japan.


YAPQ is the first 3rd party API that is available on the Amadeus Innovation Sandbox. We have partnered with Amadeus, which is the leading GDS company and the biggest processor of travel bookings in the world, to develop and implement YAPQ’s technology on a mass users platforms.