Meet Spotter.

Offering unbiased point of interest (POI) ranking for
any location based on social media signals.

What is Spotter?

Uncover the hot spots.

Spotter is a geo-spotting API that uses social media-based information to give users the hottest POIs (points of interest) for any given coordinates. The API delivers unbiased ratings of landmarks and tourists attractions on a worldwide scale. We deliver content in 12 languages with more than 1.6 million POIs worldwide.

Enrich your content.

Be more attractive.

Spotter is tailored for OTA‘s (Online Travel Agencies) and hotel Metasearch sites. Use our plug-n-play solutions to provides attractive location-based information on landmarks and history sightseeing to improve SEO and reduce bouncing rate on your site.

Visualize your maps.

The missing add-on on google maps for the travel industry.

Most users actually click on the ‘open map button’ on OTA’s sites willing to find relevant location information on the property. Enrich your content with beautiful images and short info on hot places in walking distance from the chosen property.

Global scale.

1.6 million POIs around the world.

The API includes access to 1.6 million POIs in 191 countries around the world, and available in 12 different languages. The Ranking can help the user find “must-see places” in a given location. A Place Details request returns information about the indicated place with it’s YAPQ’s rating along with its name, description, photos, complete address, Official URL address and more.


Right here- Right now.

We collect live signals from locals and tourists visiting millions of tourists attractions and landmarks around the globe. We analyze the data on a daily basis to understand what’s are the most attractive places in a given location.