Meet UrbanHi.

Search for most attractive point of interest (POI) by City name.

What is UrbanHi?

Let the city show you what it has to offer.

UrbanHi is a geo-spotting API that uses social media-based information to give users the hottest POIs (points of interest) for any given coordinates. The API delivers unbiased ratings of landmarks and tourists attractions on a worldwide scale.

Live & Unbiased.

Right here- Right now.

We collect live signals from locals and tourists visiting millions of tourists attractions and landmarks around the globe. We analyze the data on a daily basis to understand what’s are the most attractive places in a given city.

City Bucket.

Multi Language city guide.

You get a list of the top places in a city. You can define the list number, city name and language. The results are available in 12 different languages. A Place Details includes it’s YAPQ’s rating along with its name, description, photos, complete address, Official URL address and more.