Meet Vibe.

Harnessing the power of Big Data
to provide smart E-Commerce decision making tools.

What is Vibe?

Making results more relevant.

Vibe brings you geo-location data in realtime. Is that location of a place/Hotel/Flat is best for foodies to hang out? Is it a good location to find some great nightlife scene?

We curate massive quantities of data in order to characterize the vibe of every place in the world. Vibe is tailored for Travel platforms like OTA‘s (Online Travel Agencies) and hotel metasearch sites.

Use our plug-n-play solutions to provides relevant location-based information curated from millions of real independent people, increasing engagement, decreasing bouncing, improving conversion rates and boosting sales.

Less Bounce.

Give users exactly what they’re looking for.

Use our plug-n-play solutions to provide your users with relevant, location-based information make sure they get exactly what they want, right off the bat. Less wavering, less bouncing, more confidence and more sales.

SaleCycle has just released quarterly figures on abandonment rates in online markets revealing that for travel it’s 81.6% – the highest after utilities and non-profit.

Where it’s at.

Location, location, location.

Location and price are the most important factors to consumers when booking travel accommodations. The vast majority of booking sites, however, offer very little insightful information regarding the hotel’s or flat’s location.

Every query produces an overwhelming amount of information, driving consumers from site to site in an effort to gain enough insight to make a purchase. Instead of flooding consumers with excessive and irrelevant search results, we provide them with a short list of exactly what they’re looking for, thereby avoiding the constant customer slipping that whittles down visitors who end up bouncing between sites to drown out the excess noise.

Make it easy.

Giving users a relevant list of options.

The all-access Internet that surrounds us on a daily basis has become overwhelming, offering tens of thousands of results for each query without sufficient personalized information to allow customers to comfortably make an educated decision when it comes to their travel needs.

The YAPQ API offers personally-tailored multifaceted ranking, giving customers the control and the calm to make a purchase. Less wavering, less bounce.

The Collective Brain.

Big data for smarter decision-making.

We collect live signals from locals and tourists visiting millions of venues around the globe. We analyze the data to characterize the location vibe of places and tourists accommodations in every city. The data can’t be altered by direct user input, making it entirely unbiased.

Location is more than just a point on a map.

Every place is made up of a fabric of intricate elements at play, creating an experience, a feeling, a vibe.

Give your customers exactly what they need:

  • Foodies – Every meal is a chance for an adventure.
  • History – Get a glimpse into the past.
  • Shopping – Get exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Nightlife – Life’s a party.
  • Art Scene – Find the city’s hidden beauty.
  • Outdoors – Take a breath of fresh air.

Foodies with a penchant for the art scene can find their perfect spot for a quick getaway. History buffs with a love of the great outdoors can whittle down the list of potential accommodations to find themselves a home away from home. Users pick their vibes on a sliding scale to make themselves the perfect mix.